Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garden Inspiration

In the cool of the evening the garden pulsates with color-how quickly it translates to my hands!  I am over joyed at seeing the colors and feeling the softness of silk and wool as I work to blend these fibers.  Collaborating with a fellow artist to make visions real!!  All in preparation for July 14th at Florediem.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Green  shawl for Florediem Day .-made with wool.

Teatime at the Sea wool shawl.

Flexible Necklace made with cotton and glass beads.

Garden fairy's bowl with glass stones made with wool, silk, angelina fibers and glass beads.

Blogging Not Slogging Through Life

Why a blogg?  Because I want to converse and share what I'm doing in the happy world of transformation that I find myself in.  Fiber tends to acquire ju-ju. That can be good or bad depending on many factors.  At any rate I find myself being gifted with much fiber that has acquired what to its past owners has been bad ju-ju.  I take that fiber and transform it into something that is warm and beautiful.  I find it a constant and interesting challenge to try and change the fiber and patterns I come across to achieve that end.